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What is Firebase? Outstanding Benefits of Using Firebase


Firebase is known to be a mobile platform that allows users to rapidly develop high-quality apps. Currently, firebase is widely used in the technology world, bringing very positive benefits to users. 

In this article we will discuss what exactly Firebase is and the outstanding benefits of using Firebase.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is a backend system service provided by Google, compatible with your mobile application. Using firebase you can shorten development time and scale your mobile application. 

Currently, Google supports both Android and iOS platforms. Firebase service is considered to be powerful, versatile, secure, and really essential to building apps with millions of users.

Firebase has two main products:

  1. Develop & test your app: develop and test designed applications.
  2. Grow & engage your audience: Analyze data and optimize user experience.

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Benefits of Using Firebase?

Using Firebase, developers cam build applications quickly, spend less time and manpower in managing systems, infrastructure. 

Firebase also provides you with database analytics, activity reporting, and crash reports to make it easy to develop and navigate your application, delivering the best user experience.

Users can configure and experience firebase-included applications with just one simple Website interface. These applications can be operated independently but are capable of very tight analytical alignment.

Real-time Database

Firebase Real-time Database

Firebase realtime database allows users to store and synchronize data in real time. Real-time Database will give you a set of sdk for you to build mobile and web applications without a server. 

In case the device is offline, it will use up the device’s memory, so the application can still interact with users, when the device is online it will automatically sync to the server.


With authentication feature developers can build login access easily, without having to use separate registration data. Some authenticate methods that firebase provides are: email and password, phone numbers, Google, Facebook, Twitter.

Firebase cloud messaging

Firebase cloud messaging is one of the best features in firebase, allowing users to build chat applications. In addition, users can send push notifications to many Android, iOS apps.

Firebase database query

When working with a database such as MySQL, SQL server developers need to write a complex SQL statement. The firebase database query will simplify the process for developers. However, firebase is very limited when it comes to queries. 


Firebase brings a lot of benefits to users when developing mobile and web applications. Firebase is the combination of a cloud platform with Google’s extremely powerful server system. Hope this article has given you useful knowledge about firebase.

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