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Technology-based Sports Nobody Knows About

Technology Sports

We are all used to the conventional sports activities we see in global events like the Olympics, World Cup, etc., which display normal sporting activities like football, basketball, table tennis, swimming, and tens of others.

But the sporting world as we know it is changing, new games are about to be introduced into the system, and nobody seems to be talking about it.

This is not your traditional kind of sporting: it is technology-driven but needs humans to function. To some people who are just hearing about these sports for the first time, it is strange, but to others, it is simply interesting, considering that it is propelled by technology.

Unfortunately, none of these sports has been included on any legal online bookmaker, probably because some have not been internationally recognized.

All hopes are still high, hoping that one day, we will be seeing it in international sports events like the Olympics after it has been properly evaluated. We will be detailing some of these technologically induced sports that nobody is talking about.

List of Technologically-induced Sports you Need to Know

1. Segway Polo

This is one of few tech-integrated sports that a few international sporting bodies have recognized. This sport has a regulatory body in places like Barbados, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Lebanon.

The body is called the International Segway Polo Association. (ISPA), and they have been there since 2003. Almost all the rules of the game were derived from the traditional polo game.

And unlike the regular polo where players are meant to ride on horsebacks, in Segway Polo, players ride on an electric Segway PT while knocking the ball with their mallet. 

2. Drone Race

Of course, you know the car, bicycle, and motorcycle race, but we bet you don’t know “drone race.” This is a sport where participants fly their drones as fast as they can to win the race. A participant emerges the winner when he has the highest score, which is calculated with the time it took him to complete the race.

Other factors like the checkpoint the participant reached are also considered. This tech-sports has a regulatory body. The body in charge of this tech sport is the Drone Racing League (DRL), and they are operational in countries like France, Germany, and the United States.

In this game, the pilots are also meant to wear an electronic goggle that gives them that first-person view of their drone. 

3. Robot Combat

You must have seen this only in the movies, but the fact is that it is actually real: a situation where robots engage in an organized in-door fighting match. This sport has been named the coolest “I dare you” tech sport, more reason it is gaining a lot of ground lately.

Again, there is a regulatory body that oversees these sports. They are called the Fighting Robot Association (FRA), whose job is to create rules and monitor the activities.

These robots can be designed by either an individual or a team, and their fights are usually very intense. You can watch these machines fight the Robot Wars TV series on UK  and US televisions.

4. Mobile Phone Throwing

As weird as this game might sound, it has been recognized as an international game. Started in the year 2000 in Finland and is gradually spreading worldwide with championships organized in different parts of the world.

Outside Finland, it has gained more recognition in countries like the United States, Liechtenstein, and the Czech Republic. Some special kinds of phones are used for mobile phones throwing Championships, but the standard size is 220 g.

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