TOP 5 Surveys that are Used in Market Research

Surveys that are Used in Market Research

The market research focuses on understanding the customer, the company and competition. These Surveys are the core of marketing research, and different types of surveys, help you deepen your knowledge.

While there are many Survey tools available, it is still a good idea to rely on different types of surveys to discover what your market thinks and wants.

In this article, we have selected 5 types of fundamental surveys for market research.

Each one focuses on a different aspect of market research and its commercial activities and can provide insight into the market position of your business, your products, your competitors and the market in general.

1) Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Of all the different types of surveys, the customer satisfaction survey is probably the most used. It is not difficult to find it in a store or large area where someone asks you to rate a product or, also, by email after making a purchase.

This type of survey helps companies and organizations to quickly and accurately measure the degree of customer satisfaction with their product, service, event or with the company in general.

2) Brand Knowledge Surveys

Creating brand awareness is one of the first steps in creating an audience. These types of surveys, combined with other market research data, can help you configure different types of marketing messages to communicate your brand and the products or services that are linked to it.

3) Product Inspection surveys

It is crucial, for both product development and marketing, a detailed understanding of how your product meets, or not, the needs of your customers, so, this type of market research surveys should be carried out as throughout the life cycle of a product.

Ultimately, you should be able to make informed decisions about products and functionalities before launch, and thus save capital, time and effort.

4) Advertising Inspection Survey

This type of survey identifies the impressions, feelings and effectiveness of your advertising in moving the public to the next objective within the marketing funnel (more knowledge, product information, test, repeated purchase).

Like the type of surveys to inspect products, surveys to prove the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns can save you valuable time and resources.

By bringing possible campaigns directly to your audience and evaluating their response, you can focus on creating truly impressive advertising.

5) Competitive Analysis

Taking a look at competitors can be a good source of ideas. However, through this type of survey, the source of information for the analysis of the competition is the user or client.

The knowledge that you are interested in getting by conducting this type of survey in market research is:

  • How do buyers investigate in your market before buying?
  • Who is more prominent in that research process: you or your competition?
  • Are there types of content that have more weight than others during the investigation?
  • Do your marketing strategies address those most important types of content? Does your competition do it?
  • When and how do buyers want to interact with suppliers?
  • Are there problems with the positioning of the Brand with respect to the competition?

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