SEO Package – What to Expect from a SEO Agency?

SEO Package

Google’s search results are getting robust by the day – talk about answer boxes, knowledge panels, local results, expandable related questions, and more. With different ways to differentiate your business from the rest, working for top spots is well worth the effort.

study by Backlinko revealed a 31.7% clickthrough rate for the first results, 24.71% for the second result, and 18.66% for the third result by Google position. The rate continues to decline, up to 3.09% for the 10th result on the first page.

But it is always a challenge for businesses to rank on the top spots of search results. Since Google keeps shifting the way it views content, it has only gotten tougher as the years go by. Ineffective search engine optimization can do more harm than good.

But with various agencies providing packages at varying costs, it can be hard to know which agency to work with. To help point you in the right direction, here is what you should expect as an SEO package from a SEO agency.

What to Expect from SEO Agency

1. Technical Audit

This is where the experts look into the technical aspect of your site’s SEO to determine its health as well as problem areas. Before the expert starts the optimization process, they will perform a technical audit to ensure that all your issues are addressed.

The process includes analyzing both on-page and off-page elements to make sure there aren’t any technical impediments to your success. The technical audit takes care of aspects like indexing, hosting, mobile readiness, page loading speed, target keywords, site content, outside references, backlinks, and so on.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a process to identify and research alternative search terms that users type into search engines while searching for a similar subject.

These insights are what help the experts design a highly effective content strategy as well as the broader marketing strategy to improve a site. Keyword research also involves competitor analysis, customer survey, and language use.

3. SEO Copywriting

It is a specialized form of online writing that includes keywords and keyphrases to help online content rank on top of search engine results page (SERPs) and also drive traffic.

SEO copywriting involves more than integrating key phrases into the content. Search engines want to see authoritative content that not only addresses the pain points of your readers but also stands out from the internet noise.

Many aspects influence how a page ranks. This table from Search Engine Land highlights such elements – and those on the right focus on the quality of the content.

4. Link And Citation Building

Citation is an online mention of your company’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). It plays a critical role in putting your business out there, helping improve your visibility, rankings, and trustworthiness.

Citation is one of the most popular link-building tactics, leading at 76%, following by content marketing, and press releases. In fact, studies show that 90% of experts ranked accurate citations as Very Important or Critical to local search ranking.

5. Training

SEO is an ongoing process. As such, the SEO agency needs to include training as part of its package. Training allows the expert to educate and empower the knowledge to analyze Google statistics, utilize content management systems, and optimize.

More Services

The above packages are adequate to set things in motion. However, if the SEO agency offers a dedicated SEO consultant as well as other specialized solutions like SEO website design, Social media marketing, and Google place pages optimization, then that’s a big plus.

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