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How to Fix PII(Personally Identifiable Information) Errors in Outlook

Pii Errors

Microsoft Outlook Pii Errors

Many of us use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive E-Mails, but when using Outlook sometimes we get few errors. These errors are caused due to incorrect port numbers, authentications, and insecure connections.

Why Pii Errors Occur

  1. SMTP server conflict
  2. Using outdated version
  3. Corrupted software program or information
  4. An error within the setup

How to Fix Pii Errors

In this article, We have mentioned the best methods to fix Pii Errors.

1) Just open Outlook and Logout all the Microsoft accounts and clear all the working functions and login to your account.

2) Check if you are using the outdated version of outlook or the information has been corrupted. Now uninstall and reinstall Outlook.

3) Changing the port number of the server: Open Outlook settings and enter internet Email settings and change the port number SMTP 465 to 587 and check again.

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