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9 Best Phone Usage Tracker Apps

Phone Usage Tracking

It is often said that technology is both a boon and a bane for human beings. While the benefits are always under the spotlight, we end up ignoring the bad side of technology.

We have lost interest in the real world and have ironically gotten disconnected from each other in our efforts to connect more and more with people through the help of our mobile phones.

Even though Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and all the other applications we use on our phones keep us entertained and informed, and connected, we completely lose track of time once we dive into the world of our mobile phones.

This is the reason behind the requirement of a phone usage tracking app. There are many phone usage tracker apps available on both PlayStore and AppStore. In this article we will list the 9 best phone usage trackers apps available on both PlayStore and AppStore.

Best Phone Usage Tracker Apps

1. Social Fever

Social Fever is the best phone usage tracker application. We always get pulled into the endless loop of social media feed throughout the day.

With this app, you can track the time you spend in the real world and the virtual world. The app gives you a daily report about the time you spend using your phone.

This app has a very simple and user-friendly interface that tracks the number of times you unlock the phone and also monitors every single app usage on the phone.

One of the unique features of this app is that it gives you notifications to take care of your health, be it about extended earphone usage or reminding you to drink water.

Another feature of the app is that it is very light on memory and battery. It also has a Quality Time feature that sets the phone on DND if you add an activity to the list.

2. My Addictometer

MyAddictometer is a time tracker app for your mobile phone. It is a very good tool that gives you the data about the time that you spend on your smartphone.

As the name suggests, it measures your mobile addiction. It also has the feature of tracking the number of times the phone is unlocked.

Another interesting feature of this app is that it makes a comparison between the days in a month when the phone was used the most. This app also calculates the total time that you use your mobile in a day.

3. OffTime

OffTime is another app that tracks the time that you spend on your phone. As the name suggests, this app helps you unplug and get some OffTime from the virtual world.

This app has a feature where you can create profiles that can block certain calls, texts, and notifications from certain selected apps. However, if it is a loved one calling you, then you can also set an automated message that will be sent to them when their call gets blocked.

This app also gives you detailed analytics about the different apps that you use the most. It also has the feature of notifying you when you cross a set limit. However, you need to buy the premium version to access many features

4. QualityTime

QualityTime is one of the best time tracker apps in the market currently. Its uniqueness is in the fact that it creates and provides real-time reports about the time you spend looking at your phone.

It creates a detailed database of total usage, screen unlocks, and much more. These reports can be generated hourly, daily, or weekly.

It can also remind you when you are crossing the limit and looking at your phone a bit too long. It has a ‘Take a Break’ and a ‘Scheduled Breaks’ feature which blocks notifications and rejects any incoming calls.

However, there is also a whitelist for the contacts that should not be blocked. The notifications that are missed during this ‘Break’ can be found later in the missed notifications section.

5. SPACE – Break Phone Addiction

SPACE is a phone usage tracker that lets you know how addicted you are to your mobile phone. SPACE features a very simple and user-friendly interface that helps you limit your phone usage.

SPACE boasts various features like screen dimming, notification blocker, and SPACE-time which will help you manage and track the time spent on the phone. SPACE allows you to find a perfect balance between the virtual world and reality.

SPACE lets you share your progress with your friends and family which is a definite motivating factor. However, the only con this app has is that there are limited features on the free version of SPACE

6. App Usage

App Usage is one of the easiest solutions to track the phone usage time. This app notifies you whenever you use the phone for too long. It tracks the number of times you check your phone daily and creates an activity history on a calendar or bar chart view.

One of the unique features this app provides is that it can list app usage by location. AppUsage can also make a list of the most used apps and display them on a widget for easier access.

It also keeps track of all the apps that have been installed and uninstalled on your phone. It also helps you keep your storage free by notifying you about the apps that have been used in a while.

7. AppDetox

AppDetox is an amazing app that helps you limit your phone usage and thus detoxify the phone addiction. It has a feature that lets you customize the way you want your usage time to be tracked.

Every time a set limit is crossed the app puts out a reminder and stops the overuse of the phone. It can also block apps that you want to block to stop you from using them. It also has a parental control system by which parents can control the screen time for their kids via the app.

8. Famisafe App Usage Tracker

This is a special kind of app usage tracker in the sense that it is made for parents who want to track the phone usage of their children or other family members.

Parents have a daily update about what apps their children install or delete. Famisafe helps you track your children’s mobile and the time for which they use those apps. You can also set limits to various app usage to make sure that your children don’t get addicted to any app.

9. Moment App Usage Tracker

Moment App Usage Tracker is an iOS-specific phone usage tracking app. This app helps you restrict your screen time by setting down daily time limits.

Once the time limit is crossed there is a feature that will essentially force you to put your phone down by flooding the screen with annoying alerts and notifications.

The app is especially for families, with an option to track the phone usage of anyone in the family from your phone.

The above mentioned are some of the best Phone Usage tracker apps in the market. If this article helped you in any way, share it with your friends and help them control their phone addiction. Also let us know your favourite phone usage tracker app in the comment section.

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