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How Modern Security Systems Enable Secure Check-Ins For Residential Societies

Modern Security Systems

Thanks to technology, the old-age traditional security systems have now been replaced with the new modern security systems which are more reliable, faster, and easily accessible.

Many societies have started using apartment security app which come with many features that serve the security needs of every residential society.

How It Works

In order to use this system, both the security guards as well as the residents of the society need to have the application installed on their smartphones. The best part is to be able to access it from anywhere and at any time.

1. Guard App:

The guard-facing application is the main application that has all the controls of managing society. All the resident notifications, approvals, requests and information is on the guard’s app. This application can control and manage society’s security and community requests.

2. User App:

The user-facing application (residents of the society) has all options of availing the services/features like visitor management, delivery management, etc. They have the privilege to accept/deny the visitors/delivery executives/staff who visit their flat. The user has total control of what can happen.


It is a simple and easy technology solution that provides solutions to all the security needs of a community. You do not need to have any of the hardwired systems like biometrics, access cards, RFIDs, etc. for the system to work, a simple smartphone is all you need.

It replaces the need for investing a lot of money into the hardware and their maintenance charges as well. It simply uses the notification and approval method to provide security.

No Fake Entries

With the advanced features offered by the application, there is no chance of any fake entries. For unknown visitors, the system uses the notification and approval method to verify the visitor.

Once the resident verifies and accepts the entry then the visitor is allowed inside. The visitor here can be a guest, delivery person, cab driver, staff help, etc.

For example, if there is an unknown visitor at the gate, then the guard simply sends a notification to that particular resident and asks for entry approval.

Based on the details provided in the notification the resident can take the action. If you have an informed visitor then you can simply pre-approve his/her entry to avoid the notification process and to provide the visitor with a seamless entry. 

Complete Workflow

It follows a complete workflow like a step-by-step procedure to provide a complete solution to the problem. For example, If the visitor raises an alarm in case of an emergency then an alert is sent to the guard’s app.

So as soon as the guard receives it he/she will take immediate action to secure the resident. Raises an alarm-> alert notification to guard-> Guard rescues residents->end of the workflow.

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