5 SEO Link Building Techniques For 2022

Link Building

There are many seo link building techniques to help your business in 2022. However, you cannot implement them on your site or your social media platforms if you don’t know what they are.

Consider using HARO or manual outreach or other techniques to grow your online business, so keep reading on to find out more link building techniques for 2022.

Best SEO Link Building Techniques

Knowing different Link Building Techniques is important since the techniques are always changing, but these are some of the top ones for 2021. Here are just 5 of the top techniques to increase the authority of your website this year.

1. HARO or Help a Reporter Out

When a reporter who needs some information regarding something that they don’t understand, then they would go to HARO. This is a short form for Help a Reporter Out and you just need to sign up on the website. Queries will come to your inbox and then you can reply to them, then reporters give quotations in their article.

You can pick the right plan that would fit your needs based on what you are interested in and what you want to answer. This is an ideal way to answer questions without having to search for them and if you are quoted in the articles, then your business will become more visible and you will gain more authority.

2. Content Marketing Agencies

If you don’t know how or if you don’t have the time to create any engaging content, then you can consider hiring someone who does. There are many agencies who can create the best content for you, which could include articles, press releases, blogs and even videos. 

Make sure to find the agency who gives you high-quality content without duplicate and without grammatical mistakes. Ensure that you know how many different topics they write per month and what type of content they provide.

3. Blogger or Influencer Outreach Programs

Another most important link building technique to consider is working with influencers or bloggers. Make sure that you are finding one that works with others in the industry that you are in and that has plenty of followers.

The more followers the Influencer has, then the wider reach you get. Don’t be afraid to ask them for their help since that is what they are there for.

4. Guest Posting

Also, consider writing for blogs and websites that are in the same industry. The more you write and post them on the top authority sites, then the more high-quality backlinks you get. 

Also ask others to post on your own website so that you can get authority content on your website, which can get more shares and attracts other bloggers to link to the article. 

For Example, If you are working on getting backlinks to a technology website, then open google and send guest posting pitches to all the blogs that are accepting contributors.

5. Create Infographics

If you want to create some unique content for your business, then start designing informative infographics. Infographics are visually stunning and hold critical information which attracts more readers and many bloggers may use this infographic as a resource. Infographics are a great way to get more shares and engage readers. 

Final Thoughts:

These 5 are the top 5 best link building techniques in 2022 to get more backlinks to your website, so make sure to put them into use. Don’t just know what these are, start implementing them in your search engine optimization strategy.

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