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Three Common Instagram Marketing Myths Debunked

Instagram Marketing Myths

Social media, particularly Instagram that has impressed with its explosive growth and high rate of engagement with young and affluent audiences, is an essential part of the contemporary marketer’s armory.

While there is no ideal marketing formula that fits the requirement of all businesses on Instagram, it is very clear that the key to success lies in having a well-developed sense of purpose, determination, and creativity that builds enduring relationships with potential customers.

However, many marketers tend to get derailed with some common Instagram marketing myths. Some of the prevalent myths debunked:

Instagram Marketing Myths

1. Instagram Business Profiles Work Better Than Personal Profiles

There is a common rumor going around that says Instagram limits the reach of business profiles so it is better to have a personal profile.

The reality is that the Instagram algorithm does not differentiate between the two and the way content shows up depends on how popular it is. The extent of reach depends on the level of the engagement, not the classification of the profile.

However, businesses that are intent on building brand awareness and driving sales by generating website traffic would do better with a business profile as it allows the display of contact information separately and also gives access to Instagram Analytics.

2. Instagram Posts Should Not Be Hashtag Heavy

Even though Instagram permits a maximum of 30 hashtags to be used per post, there are innumerable marketing experts that say that you should limit the number to seven because otherwise, it looks spammy and turns off followers.

The reality is you should use as many hashtags as you feel is necessary for you to attract the eyeballs of your target audience for getting Instagram likes.

Followers are only concerned with the quality of the content and not about the number of hashtags used. What’s more, Instagram does not impose any penalty if you consistently use more hashtags.

3. Using Third-Party Content Scheduling Tools Limits the Reach

A common Instagram myth states that it is better to post manually on Instagram than use a third-party scheduling tool, as you will get better engagement. The truth is that the use of third-party tools is not connected with the reach of your posts in any way.

There are quite a few content scheduling tools that are available from verified Instagram partners; which means Instagram has given them its permission to access its API.

According to, businesses must use scheduling tools to post at the most optimum times that their target audiences are active and are more likely to see the posts.


Instagram is quickly becoming very business-friendly because it knows it will be able to unlock its potential value far better by collaborating with businesses to engage their target audiences.

Marketers need to focus on executing well-defined strategies for reaching out to their audiences. They should avoid paying heed to myths that have no logic behind them.

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