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How To Build An Excellent Dedicated Development Team In Ukraine?

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Microsoft and Google are the world’s top companies, with their own dedicated development team in different parts of the world. They understand the need for a research and development center in any new location, especially as it facilitates global expansion.

And currently, the best locations in the world to set up a team are Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Canada.

If you are looking to build an excellent dedicated team in any part of the world, there are some things you need to know, including the benefits. Here in this article we will discuss the 4 reasons why you should hire dedicated development team in Ukraine. 

How to Build a Ukrainian Software Development Team?

Setting up a development team in any foreign country is not easy. It requires a lot of work and money. However, it would be a good idea if you find a service company or provider to help with the tough work while considering your brand’s budget.

Let’s say you find one hiring developers in Ukraine; below are three simple steps taken. 

Expression of Needs

The first step is to contact a reliable service provider and express your needs and requirements for a team in Ukraine. This dedicated development service company understands your organization’s mission and goals and is responsible for setting up a plan to make it work.

They also make a custom proposal that matches an available budget and guarantees appropriate delivery. The final part of this phase is to set up offline or online meetings to finalize a long-term or short-term partnership and settle the legal aspects. 


The next step is for the hiring company to undergo a recruitment process. This company recruits the best Ukrainian developers or specialists based on their access to the country’s talent pool. The recruitment process can be tedious and sometimes involves the organization’s participation. 


The last step is to welcome successful candidates onboard and have them work on various tasks available. At this stage, the hired developers are expected to understand the company’s goals and are willing to collaborate with the in-house team for success. 

The whole process takes between three to five weeks. 

Once you hire dedicated team, you should ensure constant communication to enhance productivity and regular team assessment to track progress. 

4 Reasons To Hire Dedicated Development Team In Ukraine

Businesses that set up a development team in Ukraine have had several positive things to say about the initiative. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider it too. 

1. It is Cost-effective

Most companies spend so much already maintaining staff and running their business. Preparing another expensive budget to hire an in-house development team doesn’t always seem like a good idea.

However, they’ve found a way to work around that with a dedicated team in Ukraine. It takes planning a budget but a cost-effective one. These developers are paid for every completed project rather than being on a salary like the brand’s employees. 

2. It Improves Productivity 

Apart from the cost of hiring developers in Ukraine being friendly, this strategy gives room for productivity. Your company’s staff don’t have to worry about doing tasks outside their jurisdiction.

The dedicated team has that responsibility. However, both arms of your company work collaboratively to ensure success and growth. 

3. It Gives Access to Global Talents

Setting up a team in Ukraine means utilizing international skilled labor to improve your business. It is a smart move for any business interested in improving awareness and in global expansion. Your office team gets to work with the best minds in another country to move your business forward. 

4. It Keeps Your Company Focused on Goals

Usually, when you have someone else doing the job, you would have time on your hands and focus on other important things.

A Ukraine-dedicated team ensures that you remain focused on running your company while solving major challenges that may occur along the line. You won’t have to worry about trivial issues when a team is handling them. 


Deciding to hire dedicated development team in Ukraine is brilliant because there are benefits to enjoy. You can finally focus on running your company more efficiently and maintain an annual budget for staffing.

To get started, you need a reliable service provider who understands your needs and hires the best team of developers or specialists. 

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