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How To Apply PMP Certification Online?

PMP Certification Online

No matter where you are in the world or what industry you work in, you need to have a proper certificate that will help you to excel or accomplish your goals. Project Management Professional certification is an internationally recognized designed course which will help you to earn your professional credentials. 

But first, you need to meet the experience and education requirement and many other criteria. If the criteria and all the requirements are met then you can definitely apply for the Project management professional certification.

The application process of PMP certification is very simple. But the crucial part is, you need to fulfill all the eligibility criteria before you apply for the examination.

The cost of the application is $405 for the members and $555 for the non-members. Before applying for the examination online, you need to follow the right steps to get into it. Therefore, in this article, let’s have a discussion on how to get PMP Certification online.

PMP Certification Online

1. Create a free account

Just open the website and create an account of your own. Once you have created your account, now you are ready to move on to the second step of applying for the PMP certification exam online.

2. Login to your account

Once you have given all the necessary information that was asked, it will get saved and you will get registered in the PMI database. Once you are done with that, your account will get created and you will now be able to fill your application form. 

3. Fill the application form

After login to your account, you will see an application form, which needs to be filled up properly.

It consists of the important and basic questionnaire which will give a clear picture about your qualification, past experience, and current scenario to the governing body of the examination and give them a clear indication as to whether you are eligible to participate in the exam or not.

4. Submit the proof of project management experience

This is also a crucial step that you need to remember. After filling the application form you need to submit your entire project and work-related experience and the previous places where you had worked before along with proof.

Once you have submitted your application form, you need to wait, because it will take about 5 days to process the application. So, have patience and your application is almost done and dusted. 

5. Pay for the examination

After submitting all your details and your experience proof, you need to pay that specific amount, like if you are a member of PMI then you need to pay some less amount than the normal fees. The amount can vary each year. There will be some convenient options for paying through bank draft or debit card or account transfer.

6. Schedule and reserve your spot

After completing all the steps and procedures, you first need to schedule your exam according to your convenience. You will get an email from the concerning authority to sit for the examination.

You will get one year and within this one year, you have to schedule your examination, and for that, you need to reserve your spot as soon as you can.

Tips for Clearing the Examination

PMP certification exam is one of the toughest exams if you don’t prepare the right way. Well, pin order to prepare for this exam; you need to follow some effective tips.

So once you know how to apply for the PMP certification exam online, let’s have a look at some of these tips which will surely help you to clear the exam:

1. Self-Study

This is probably one of the biggest secrets of clearing this highly sought-after exam. In order to pass the PMP certification exam, you have to do self-study regularly. You just cannot rely on your education provider to clear the exam. 3 to 4 hours of study in the weekends and regular 1 to 2 hours of study is a must for all the aspirants of the PMP certification exam. 

2. Revision

Many of the PMP certification exam aspirants study really hard. But still, they fail to clear this exam. The reason for this failure is quite obvious and that is they don’t actually revise what they have read. So, when they sit for the exam, even after knowing everything, they fail to give their best. So, what you have to do regularly is have some time for revision.

3. Practice

The third and perhaps the most vital thing for your preparation for the PMP certification exam is the practice. No matter how much you revise or study, unless you practice answering those questions, you will not be able to perform better in the PMP certification exam. SO, go through practice tests on a regular basis so that, you become exam ready. 

Final Thoughts

By following these steps you can sit for the examination and add immense value and importance to your career. This exam might seem tough for you but if your preparation, experience, consistency, and dedication are high then you will never face any difficulty to qualify the examination.

PMP certification will surely help you to achieve your dream and surely take you a few steps forward towards your career growth. You need to boost and charge yourself and make yourself consistent always by following these tips.