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How the Epson CW-C6500 Enhances Label Production

Epson CW-C6500

Epson’s ColorWorks color label printers have brought full-color label printing to the desktop, helping small and mid-sized businesses produce their own color labels on-demand. Until now, big businesses have been left out, making do with their black-and-white thermal transfer printers.

The new Epson ColorWorks C6500 is set to change that. This 8-inch color label printer specifically targets enterprises that use fleets of thermal transfer printers — and it does it well with comparable features, media handling capabilities, and compatibility with a broad range of middleware commonly used in enterprise environments.

The Current Label Printing Process

The way it works now, black-and-white thermal transfer printers offer a fast, reliable, and low-cost way to produce large quantities of labels. The printers are cheap and work well as part of a larger fleet. The problem is that they lack color.

In order to get color, it’s necessary to order pre-printed color labels from a third-party print service provider and then use the thermal printers to add barcodes and custom text like lot numbers, manufacturing codes, instructions, ingredient lists, and so forth. This adds cost and complexity to the mix, both of which will disappear with the Epson ColorWorks C6500 color label printer.

How the Epson CW-C6500 Enhances Label Production

Adding Epson CW-C6500 color label printers to the fleet allows enterprises to skip the whole color label procurement and management process. Instead of overprinting black text and barcodes on pre-printed color labels, Epson CW-C6500 color label printers can print the entire labels in full color.

There’s no need to stock a large quantity of pre-printed color labels that may or may not get used due to future design changes. There’s no more downtime due to pre-printed label inventory shortages or third-party print service provider delays.

Moreover, the Epson ColorWorks C6500 color label printer excels at what it does. It features a 1200 dpi print resolution, a print speed of up to 5 inches per second, Epson PrecisionCore® FTP® serial printheads for crisp print quality, and Epson UltraChrome® DL pigment inks for exceptional durability.

Remote printer management, ZPL II compatibility, ESC/Label capabilities, integration with popular middleware, drivers for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and a general-purpose/applicator I/O port round out its feature set.

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