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CannaTech: The Beginning of a Long and Fruitful Relationship


Cannabis and Technology are becoming the greatest dynamic duo since Cheech and Chong. Now we’re a long way from AI robots being able to feel the effects of Hashish, but when it comes to potency, processes, and convenience, technology is helping the cannabis industry become a certified future career.  

Need to re-up? How long does it take to re-up on your supply of green? That’s a question that varies drastically based on a number of factors. That might be location, distance to dispensary or dispenser, delivery? Longer wait and extra fees to deliver? The list could go on.

CBD delivery companies are emerging as fast as the technology and cannabis industries are growing.

The Process is in the Pudding

The cannabis industry is having its own industrial revolution. The proof is in the processes that artificial intelligence and new technologies are ever-changing. New extraction methods for many benefits including better yields.

Best indoor farming practices are consistently being studied for growth automation and growing all different kinds of strains. Better packing procedures and automated crop management for potency control, which I’ll get to soon. 

Remember Auto Crop Management  

Artificial Intelligence will change a great number of processes in the near and far future, and cannabis is at the front of the line. The company Motorleaf is a great example of why. They’re currently using the latest tech for hydroponic commercial greenhouses. Which is fancy for “without soil.” 

They have precise and automated harvest yield forecasts. Machine learning creates self-regulation for humidity, precise lighting, and temperature procedures to grow specific strains adjusted in real-time.  

Artificial Intelligence can make real-time calculations for efficiency, and predict harvest yields and quality at the same time with accuracy.

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