Top Benefits of Using B2B eCommerce Platforms

B2B eCommerce

While B2B and B2B eCommerce platforms may look similar on the surface, there are many important benefits that B2B eCommerce platforms give you. One is customization.

Many B2B eCommerce platforms are designed for demanding requirements of their clients, such as supporting implementation in-house or in a headless fashion. However, that’s not all. A dedicated B2B eCommerce platform can bring many benefits to the table:

1) Reach a Wider Audience

While many B2B purchases are already done online, the share of offline purchases is still quite large. This means that there is a lot of room to grow for businesses that traditionally rely on word-of-mouth or limited themselves to local markets to find clientele.

Those with an eCommerce platform can benefit from upgrading to a B2B system, too. This can uncover different markets such as medium or large businesses with more complex purchasing processes.

2) Customized Pricing Structures

Merchants that target businesses demand flexible pricing structures that suit their clients. For example, a dynamic pricing engine in a B2B eCommerce system could set a cost-plus pricing method with the ‘plus’ part being set dynamically.

Another benefit for the B2B buyer is the ability to request a quote, or request for proposals and for the seller to approve or deny them. These are just some of the pricing features B2B eCommerce systems can have.

3) Customized Buying Experiences

When dealing with multiple corporations, divisions, subsidiaries, and business types as clients, offering custom experiences becomes a necessity.

For example, B2B customers may want to send the bill to one address and maintain their shipping location at another address. Product variations and product descriptions can be tailored to improve the personalized customer experience and boost conversion rates. 

4) Reporting and Metrics

With its expanded segmentation and role-based features, B2B eCommerce software tends to excel in reporting features and customer behavior analytics. Using data from external sources such as ERP and CRM software, it’s possible to get greater insights into customer data.

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